Khaosan Road

It is an alley located at the end of Chakkraphong Road, right across Chana Songkram Temple through Tanao Road. Nowadays it become a tourist attraction for foreigners from various countries all over the world to look for a wide range of guesthouses at different prices throughout Khaosan Road. Moreover, it offers a wide variety of cheap merchandise ranging from purses, shoes, clothes, trousers, watches, to handmade accessories. There is also fashionable hair weaving service famous among the Thais and foreigners. Popular Thai dishes such as Thai stir-fried noodles and spring rolls are available or visitors can choose to dine in a restaurant with good atmosphere. The other thing that make Khaosan Road popular and well-known is its activities on Songkran’s Day where both many Thais and foreigners come play with water. It is now time to part from the crowds on Khaosan Road to a serene, historic road over the magnificence of the Rattanakosin reign.

Last modified on Friday, 04 March 2016 06:13
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